flagship beers

Long Tom

American ipa

Prominent citrus and pine hop aroma, high bitterness matched by the perfect sweetness in the body, finishes dry and bitter like a proper IPA with a lingering malt aftertaste. An ode the best of both UK and US IPAs, our IPA has a healthy (slightly toasty) malt foundation, and the right amount of sweetness to match it’s high bitterness and assertive American hop aroma: An IPA for lovers of hops and malt alike.

Ingredients: 2-Row and Crystal Malt; Centennial and Cascade hops.

ABV 6% – IBU 60 – Color 12 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.90 – Finish 3.5° Plato

Trust Buster

Scottish Export

Sweet malty aroma, medium-bodied, malt-forward with a slightly sweet finish and very low bitterness. Adhering closely to the tradition of a Scottish Export or 80 Shilling, our Scottish is full on the palate with a nice toasty finish, picking up its deep reddish color and malty, caramel-like flavor from the traditional long kettle boil.

Ingredients: 2-Row, Pale Ale, and Crystal Malt; Willamette Hops.

ABV 5.5% – IBU 19 – Color 20 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.3 – Finish 3.3° Plato

Rail SPlitter

London-Style Porter

Very little hop aroma, restrained roasted malt in front, full-bodied with a dry-to-slightly sweet and balanced finish. The perfect hybrid of London and American Porters, this beer is eminently smooth with a full presence on the palate, lacks astringency and bitterness, and is neither cloying nor overly-coffee like.

Ingredients: Pale Ale, Chocolate and Black Malt; Willamette Hops.

ABV 5.3% – IBU 35 – Color 33 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.60 – Finish 3° Plato

American Fabius

Blonde Ale

The perfect blend of hops, malt, and subtle esters on the nose, light-bodied, crisp, clean and refreshing with a very balanced finish. A “common,” or ‘lager-like’ blonde ale, designed for balance in all respects: not too sweet, not too bitter, not too hoppy, not too malty.

Ingredients: 2-Row Malt; Cascade Hops

ABV 4.8% – IBU 22 – Color 4 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.45 – Finish 2.5° Plato

long time favorites

Buffalo Snot®

Oatmeal Stout

Aroma dominated by roasted barley and toasted base malt, followed by the rare combination of both the classic full body and the fleeting dry finish common to Irish-style stouts. A session drinker designed to drink like an Irish Stout but pack a slightly bolder flavor profile.

Ingredients: Pale Ale, De-bittered Black, and Roasted Barley Malt, Flaked Oats; Galena hops.

ABV 4.3% – IBU 28 – Color 42 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.61 – Finish 2.5° Plato

605 Beer®

Czech Pilsner

In honor of South Dakota’s rich Czech heritage, we present a traditional Czech-Style Pilsner. Made exclusively with heirloom floor-malted barley and hops from the Czech and German region once known as Bohemia, our pilsner differs from American domestic lagers primarily in its robust flavor profile: the perfect harmony of deep malt flavor, spicy Saaz hops, an assertive bitterness and an extremely clean and balanced finish. Subtle yet complex, sessionable and delicious!

Ingredients: Floor-malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt; Czech Saaz Hops

ABV 5.2% – IBU 35 – Color 3.2 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.6 – Finish 3° Plato

bamberger rauchbier

Smoked Lager

Inspired by the smoked lagers of Bamberg in Southern Germany, our Rauchbier is built around the beechwood smoked-, and floor-malted bohemian malts from the internationally-renowned ‘Bamberger’ maltster itself, Weyermann. Predominantly smoky with compliments of dark malt and spicy Hallertauer hops, the Rauchbier is full-bodied and malty like a bock, but drier and spicier in the tradition of a Bohemian Pilsner.

Ingredients: Beechwood Smoked, Floor-malted Bohemian Dark, and Blackprinz malts; US Hallertau hops.

ABV 5.5% – IBU 30 – Color 16 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.50 – Finish 2.5° Plato

Black Hills Gold®

Premium American Lager

Our take on the standard American lager: crisp and dry, light bodied with a grainy sweetness from the flaked maize. Refreshing and thirst-quenching, full-flavored but light on the palate. Little-to-no hop aroma and highly carbonated.

Ingredients: Pilsner Malt, Flaked Maize; Mt. Hood Hops.

ABV 5.0% – IBU 18 – Color 5 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.38 – Finish 2° Plato.

Rooster Red®

American Amber Ale

Caramel and biscuit aroma, on the dryer side, but balanced in the body with enough mild hop presence to finish clean. Imagine the classic American amber at its core, edging toward an ESB (Extra Special Bitter) and a Scottish Export: a toasted malty heart with a subtly-earthy and floral-hop finish.

Ingredients: Dakota, Bakken, and Denhoff malt; Galena and Willamette hops.

ABV 4.5% – IBU 25 –  Color 15 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.48 – Finish 2.2° Plato.

Barrel-Aged Brittish IPA

Sometimes Served in Cask

But for being landlocked, our British-style IPA has all the right credentials: slight Brettanomyces tang from prolonged contact with the oak; earthy, floral hop aroma from the dry-hops in the barrel; dry, slightly-bitter finish to balance out the hearty pale and crystal-malt foundation.

Ingredients: 2-Row and Crystal Malt; Centennial, Cascade, & Willamette hops

ABV 6% – IBU 60 – Color 10 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.90 – Finish 3.5° Plato

Mal de Ojo®

Mexican Amber Lager

Historically derived from Vienna Lagers, the Mexican Amber lager is a clean, malty lager with the slightest hint of toasted malt on the finish. This Lager is malt forward with little-to-no hop aroma, highly carbonated and evenly balanced between sweet and dry. Think Dos Equis Amber or Negro Modelo.

Ingredients: Pilsner & Blackrinz Malt, Flaked Maize; Mt. Hood hops.

ABV 5% – IBU 19 – Color 15 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.41 – Finish 3.0° Plato

seasonal favorites

He’s seen the devil

Irish Red

Caramel and biscuit aroma balanced in the body with enough mild hop presence to finish clean. A darker red color and a toasted malty heart. This beer is very smooth and highly drinkable, making it perfectly designed for a long and delicious St. Patrick’s Day.

Ingredients: Dakota, Bakken, and Denhoff malt; Galena and Willamette hops.

ABV 5.3% – IBU 20 –  Color 15 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.48 – Finish 2.2° Plato.

Washington cherry tree

Naturally Flavored wheat

An ode to Washington’s fabled run-in with the cherry tree: cool-fermented lager-like esters and malt in the aroma, crisp clean body with a strong wheat backbone and a hint of sweetness on the finish. A decisively American-style wheat beer with a hint of phenolic spiciness, blending well with the tart highlight of Oregon cherries.

Ingredients: Pilsner and Red Wheat malt; Galena and Mt. Hood hops; Oregon Tart Cherries.

ABV 4.7% – IBU 21 – Color 4 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.43 – Finish 2.0° Plato

Lavender+ lemon verbana

Naturally flavored BLonde

Forward aroma of lavender with a sweet melon and tarragon nose, light-bodied and dry with a well-balanced clean finish. Built upon an American-style unfiltered wheat beer, no banana or clove imparted from the yeast, but a hint of phenolic spiciness from the wheat itself achieved through a low temperature mash, a spiciness that blends beautifully with the lavender and lemon verbena.

Ingredients: Pilsner and red wheat malt; Galena and Mt. Hood hops; Lavender Flower Buds, Dried Lemon Verbena

ABV 5.4% – IBU 27 – Color 5 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.41 – Finish 2.1° Plato



A traditional Märzen or Oktoberfest lager — brewed in March (hence the name, ‘Märzen’) and tapped in Sep/Oct — made exclusively with Bohemian malt and hops. The floor-malted Moravian malt is the centerpiece of this beer, highlighting the classic, clean, full flavor of Continental European lagers, accented with just a hint of caramel. A subdued and gentle hop aroma from the noble hops rests just behind the malt, followed by the classic lager finish so key to the style.

Ingredients: Floor-Malted Bohemian Dark Malt; Hallertau hops.

ABV 6% – IBU 17 –  Color 10 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.37 – Finish 4° Plato.

I love you cherry much

COllaboration beer with his and her’s ale house + wine bar

A delightful collaboration with our friends at His & Hers Ale House and Wine Bar in Deadwood in honor of their first anniversary. We created a sessionable Oatmeal Stout, added a puree of Bing, Lambert, Van, and Royal Anne cherries; and finished it off with pure cocoa and vanilla. This Stout delivers the slight tang and well rounded sweetness of a Chocolate Covered Cherry.

Ingredients: Pale Ale, De-bittered Black, and Roasted Barley Malt, Flaked Oats; Galena hops., bing puree.

ABV 4.7% – IBU 28 –  Color 4 SRM – Bitterness Ratio 0.37 – Finish 4° Plato.

Tasting note guide


IBUs measure how bitter a beer is. American IPAs rate around 50 – 100 IBUs, whereas the typical American Lager usually sits somewhere around 20 IBUs.


According to the SRM scale, the lightest beers like Wheats and Pilsners will be around 2 SRM; Pale Ales hover around 5-10; Ambers and Browns range from 15-25, while the darkest Imperial Stouts and Porters range into 30-40 or higher.

Bitterness Ratio:

The Bitterness Ratio measures the balance of a beer (its bitterness over its sweetness), ranging from 1-to-0. Very bitter IPAs are closer to 1, very malty dopplebocks are closer to 0.2. A bitterness ratio of 0.5 is a good indicator of a highly-drinkable, evenly-balanced beer.


Finish refers to the final sweetness of a beer at the end of its fermentation. 5.5° Plato or higher denotes a very sweet finish, while 2° Plato or lower denotes a very dry finish.