Summer Music Series

James Van Nuys + Bob Fahey

Friday June 14th @ 6 PM

These guys are two of our local gems out of Rapid City. They both often play solo shows showcasing their amazing legacy catalogs of originals and covers, but when they “duet,” it is certainly something special. Come join us for an evening of blues and folk with soulful vocal and guitar mastery. James and Bobby are artists with regal reputation and class who call the Black Hills home. Consider yourselves lucky that these gentlemen bring to the community all that they do, as we consider ourselves lucky to present them to you for an evening in June!

Dads in Plaid

Sunday, June 16th • All Day 

Take a break from building a deck! All Dads in plaid receive a free MRBC throwback growler + a growler fill*! What good are kids if you can’t get free beer for them, amiright? We’ll also be doing a Best Dad Joke Contest. All terrible puns are welcome and you can submit yours in the taproom! 

TJ Ellis and Chris Huisenga will be playing LIVE starting at 3 pm. 

*must present a real/live child to receive offers
**while supplies last

Summer Music Series

TJ Ellis + Chris Huisenga

Sunday, June 16th • 3pm

Happy Father’s Day! Local Spearfish flavor singer/songwriters TJ Ellis and Chris Huisenga will be throwing out some great acoustic vibes all afternoon! TJ will give you his powerful and sometimes heartbreaking originals as well as his unique arrangements of modern to classic artists such as Shaky Graves and the Lumineers to John Prine and the Beatles, while Chris will make you feel like you’re climbing the rope in gym class with his blues-influenced songwriting and soulful voice, while also giving twists to such songs as ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ by Nirvana. These two guys are also buddies, so expect a bit of crossover collaboration during the program! The Brewery will also be offering a Father’s Day Dad’s in Plaid Special! What’s a better way to spend a special Sunday up in the Hills? Drag your Dad out and treat him to a day off from mowing the damn lawn!

Summer Music Series

Whippin’ Boy

Friday, June 21st • 6 pm – Summer Solstice Weekend

Known for his funk and groove band, Under the Bus out of Rapid City, Danny Kirst brings us his new stompgrass duet with his multi-instrumentalist partner, Jeremy Huot — Whippin’ Boy. With Danny on guitar and vocals and Jeremy mixing it up with guitar, mandolin and banjo while also contributing vocals and a kick drum, these boys throw out crazy fun classic stompy acoustic renditions of classic artists such as the Band and Jack White, modern artists like Old Crow Medicine Show, and a handful of originals sure to get your head boppin’. And whippin’. Come throw down with us and these guys at the Brewery for a night of downhome summertime vibrations to celebrate the Summer Solstice!

Summer Music Series

Dan Sherrill + “Spike” Brandriet

Saturday, June 29th • 6 pm

Wrapping up our June month, we have a pairing for you of an epic (somewhat) reunion of two best friends from Watertown that have made the Black Hills home for many years. Dan and Spike were the co-captains of a modern reggae and rock group by the name of Mighty Moose from the late nineties/early 2000’s based out of Spearfish. Their local success included seeing a large fan base grow quickly, and their recording, “Keep it Loose with the Moose”, sold over a thousand copies just locally. Both artists have gone on to significant solo endeavors as well as other projects. Dan has produced three original solo recordings, continues to throw out his acoustified reggae vibe, and is a beloved local performer. Spike offers many great covers in his solo set from classic and  modern artists, but particularly from the 80’s with a set of residuals from his pop/synth band the Synthetics. We can certainly expect some crossover collaboration of Mighty Moose as well from these two together for a special night of friendship and awesome music.